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When it comes to negotiation, Ilana’s skills and determination make the difference – it’s all about giving her clients the edge. If the sale of a property hangs in the balance, Ilana’s experience and ability to engage and steer clients in the right direction will get the sale across the line.

Ilana has a natural ability to forge strong, long lasting relationships with a broad range of client groups. She is not one to simply sell a property, move on to the next one and the one after that without keeping in touch. A staggering 80% of her business is referral based and repeat clients; this impressive figure speaks for itself. With millions of dollars worth of sales in the last 5 years, it’s no wonder Ilana’s clients just keep coming back!

Ilana’s passion for the industry and the clients she assists extends well into the community. 

Ilana believes that it is so important to connect with the community beyond her professional work and always gives her time so generously to help those develop and blossom as she has in her Real Estate career. Not to forget, it’s not all about work for Ilana. She is also a mother and grandmother and loves nothing more than quality family time, of course with a dash of real estate chat in the mix!

MEDIA REVIEWS about Ilana Melnikov:

Ilana Melnikov

Ilana eats, sleeps and lives thinking about real estate and it is where her inner star shines the brightest. Phone calls, listings, inspections and of course sales come in at the clients requests, and it’s no surprise that one property was recently sold by Ilana at 6am in the morning! Now, that’s what we call PASSION.

As one of the leading female agents in the south-eastern suburbs, Ilana stands out amongst her peers as a breath of fresh air. She exudes enthusiasm and natural warmth, while her drive and strong work ethic produce outstanding results each and every time.

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