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Sladjan Vujicic


Nina Vujicic

Husband and wife - what an unbeatable team!

Originating from Slovenia, Sladjan and Nina were raised on a European diet of hard work and commitment, principles that they cherished and embodied throughout their lives. Possessing decades of hospitality and retail experience, Sladjan and Nina have mastered customer satisfaction, tact, and going above and beyond in all that they do, bringing excellent people skills to the Real Estate industry. Furthermore, they excel at the administrative side of the business, augmenting their interpersonal proficiency.

Due to their willingness to properly meet every request, they have amassed a formidable and loyal client base, who continue to be impressed at the trust Sladjan and Nina incessantly exhibit.

Sladjan and Nina both have a passion for design, casting their keen and delicate eye upon the finer things in life. They form a balance, where Nina favours interior whereas Sladjan exterior design.

Having a kind and compassionate character, Sladjan and Nina readily extend a hand to anyone in need. They love animals (reflected in the adoration they shower their dog with), spending time in nature, and living healthily.

This couple is always excited to guide new and existing clients throughout the journey, so do not be shy to contact them promptly and experience their outstanding personalities first-hand.

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